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Centerless OD grinder

Centerless OD lapper

Manual Equipment

At the heart of every machine shop is the tried and true manual equipment. All of our manual machines are used for secondary operations to either hone or polish the end product. Tighter dimensional controls are maintained using secondary finishing operations such as the operations/equipment shown below.  


This equipment technology may be prior generation, however when we combine it with the know-how and measurement capability of Lifecycle Specialties, it can be very productive while producing high quality parts. 

Sunnen horizontal hone

Precision surface lapper

Engis hone

Engis hone

An Example of Precision Manual Surface Grinding

Many components wear in a way that does not allow for salvage by obvious means.  By combining an older (but capable) surface grinder, modern fixture/work holding principles, modern measurement methods, and engineering creativity - Lifecycle Specialties was able to create a cost effective salvage.


           This is just one of several similar examples. 

             This type of approach can be applied to

                     other challenging components.

Surface Grinder w/Precision

Multi-Part Fixture

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