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Machining and Shop Capabilities

CNC Laser cutting of metal, modern industrial technology. Small depth of field. Warning -


Water Jet

3D and CAD Drawing Services


Centerless OD Grinder

Centerless OD Lapper

Precision Surface Lapper

Precision Surface Grinder

Engis Hone

Sunnen Horizontal Hone


Manufacturing and Remanufacturing

  Fully equipped machine shop capable of doing:

Remanufacturing of used components

Remanufacturing of “imperfect”

new components

“First fit” manufacturing, including

low-volume, high precision production

Prototypes and specification definition of mechanical components

Fully equipped dimensional metrology lab with the ability to measure specifications within sub-microns

Target complex, precise, and

challenging components

CNC Machinery operation milling metal steel mechanic automotive part in workshop industry
Carbide metalcutting mills rows. Tools for cnc-machining..jpg

Contract Engineering and

Industry Consulting

Lifecycle Specialties' consultants are ready to:

Develop new remanufacturing processes

Cost reduction in materials and cycle time

Suggestions and advice to improve existing remanufacturing processes

Usable and practical solutions

Process development

Process improvement

Project management

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