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Citizen L20 CNC Sliding Headstock Type Automatic CNC Swiss Lathe w/Bar Feeder

The Swiss style CNC lathe is used to produce intricate components quickly and accurately.  It is capable of ID/OD turning, milling, drilling, and tapping, all in the same chucking. 


It can machine the front, side and the back of a part at the same time, enabling higher productivity.  


It is capable of machining soft and very hard materials to precise tolerances.  The bar feeder capacity enables longer unattended running.  Parts can be turned from HEX, square or round stock depending on component geometry.


The rigidity of the machine enables highly precise machining.  


Some features:

5 HP spindle

Maximum RPM – 10000 (main), 8000 (sub), 6000 (gang)

37 mounted tools (gang, turning, back drilling)

Programmable tailstock

Tool pre-setter

Parts catcher

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